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Rodolfo Carpintier

  • He studied Germanistik (German Philology), Master in International Management and General Management (CESEM).

  • He is President of Digital Assets Deployment, a leading Internet incubator in Spain, with 12 investee companies.

  • He has been: President of Commerce Net Español, Founding Partner and Vice-President of Netjuice S.A.,

  • Marketing Director of Telefónica Sistemas S.A., CEO of KRONE S.A., International Director of SERVICOM, Commercial Director of SERVICOM, President of SMM.

  • He has more than 25 years of experience using online systems. He is specialized in the use of the INTERNET to support business decision making. He regularly follows the European and US market, and is involved with several of the pioneering American companies in internet marketing. He has promoted the creation of the Spanish chapter of Commerce NetEspañol (, the international organization promoting Electronic Commerce worldwide, of which he was appointed its President for Spain for the first 5 years.

  • He is frequently invited as a speaker on the topics of: Innovation, The 21st Century Enterprise and eCommerce, as well as on entrepreneurship and seed capital financing.

  • He has written the book "Internet Hoy" published in 1996 with Editorial RA-MA. "THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS OF THE COMPANY ON THE INTERNET: LESSONS FOR AFTER A CRISIS" of the
    Editorial CISS in 2004. In February 2013 he published the book: “Internet can save your company ... or sink it” with the publisher Gestión 2000.


  • He is fluent in English, German and French, as well as Spanish, languages ​​in which he follows the development of the INTERNET regularly and on which he conducts research for clients.